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 The Cunning Crow Apothecary's Teaching Temple & Clinic hosts a wide variety of classes and events.  Check this page for our offerings each month or sign up for our newsletter (via the form at the bottom of this page) to have our class/event schedule emailed to you monthly.


Curse & Thought-Form Unraveling:
Practitioner Training & Initiation

With Ylva Mara Radziszewski

Date: Saturday, September 29th - Sunday, September 30th | 10am - 6pm

Cost: $325 (Sliding Scale Available)

About the Course
Within many cultures and spiritual cosmologies there are beliefs, stories and customs around curses and disruptive spiritual bindings; their origin and their cure. In this course we will explore the nature of these disruptive and potentially limiting bindings with a focus on learning safe methods of unraveling and clearing their energy and impact. Cures can present in a number of ways such as: limiting, repetitive or obsessive thoughts and/or patterns, chronic illness, bad luck or feelings of being overshadowed or under attack. They may originate in as many ways as their symptoms manifest. Curses may have been intentionally or unintentionally cast, inherited from last life or ancestral events, through personal or cultural beliefs, or from past oaths and vows to name a few.


Some objectives will cover in this course:

- Methods of identifying and tracking potential curses, thought-forms and bindings

- Safe and effective ways of interfacing the energy of potent disruptive spiritual bindings

- Clearing the field of a curse from places, objects and circumstances


Full Details & Registration Here



Divination & Scrying:
Foundational Intuitive Techniques

With Ylva Mara Radziszewski

Date: Sunday, October 14th | 10am - 6pm

Cost: $150 (Sliding Scale Available)

About the Course
Join us for a day of exploring our Inner Wisdom and cultivating your Witches Gaze! Throughout the day we will explore various techniques of divination and scrying. When we reach into the veil we do so for the purpose of accessing wisdom, information and healing. During our day together we will explore the wisdom and healing available in response to questions of the heart, for the individual and the collective. We will practice intuitive readings by scrying, or gazing into, the elements. 


During this course you will learn about:

- Fire Scrying with candles

- Water Scrying with reflection and tea leaf reading

- Earth Scrying with soil and stones

- Air Scrying & the Witches Council


 ​More Information & Registration Here


3rd Annual Cunning Crow Witches' Ball & Pop-Up Market

Date: Saturday November 3rd | Doors at 8:30pm - show starts at 9pm
This is a 21+ only event
Cost: $8 advanced entry, $12 at the door, $5 raffle tickets
(25% of raffle proceeds go to support Real Rent Duwamish)

About the Event
In addition to some amazing musical magic, witchy wares, psychic readings, and raffle prizes... We're doing a little something different this year and we need your help. We're going to be running a COSTUME CONTEST... we know... we know... but seriously, it'll be fun if you just "give yourself over to absolute pleasure!" The winners of each category will be selected by each of the bands. Categories and guidelines below. 

Musical Magic:

Vendors (more to come):
Nomihelene, Swamp Swag Creations, Elijah StrongHeart Sculpture, Howling Pup LeatherCrafts, LunaBulan Jewelry, Lightning Moon Conjure, The Odditorium Obscura, Caps'N'Scaps, Open the Cellar Door, Custom Cranium, Jaguar Sun, Jack-A-Lope Jane Varieties, Virgo Moon Herbals

Readings by (more to come):
Root Bone Conjure & Mystical Inquiry, Anumati Healing Arts, Noel Heimpel, Dylan Wilder Quinn, Melissa Cerise

Costume Contest Guidelines:
There will be 2 categories to participate in:
Favorite Celebrity Witch & Zombies...but with Sparkles

Costume contest winners will receive the gift of our collective wonder and a Cunning Crow Spell Kit (Self Love, Manifest, Empowerment, Clearing/Protection, or Divination).


Plantae Magicae:
Deep Study of The Green World

A Once Monthly Drop-in Salon With Emma Day & Ren Carothers

One Wednesday A Month, 7:00-9:00pm
Jan 24th, Feb 21st, Mar 21st, Apr 18th, May 16th, June 13th,
July 25th, Aug 22nd, Sept 19th, Oct. 17th, Nov 14th 
Cost: $20-$35 Sliding Scale Per Class

About the Course
In a modern world so removed from the wild green how do we, as plant-loving devotees, get back in touch with the language of the botanical? We believe a deeper level communication with flora can be forged through meditation, intention, sensory & emotional impressions. This is a class for those interested in engaging with the subtle vibrations of the plant world. Put simply, we believe that you can learn a lot about a plant and its medicine by sitting with it! Let’s get together with some plant friends and see what sensory and emotional impressions of their wisdom arise for us.

After these plant sits, there will be opportunities to share your experience and discuss with the collective. There will also be teachings about the featured plants from the perspective of western herbalism and European folk traditions and magical practices.

This offering will meet Wednesday nights once monthly January through November, featuring different plants each month. You are welcome to drop-in and out of the series at any time.

No prior experience of any kind is necessary to enjoy this work, only an admiration of plants! This is a simple exercise of tuning in to your extrasensory perceptions, which will be reviewed and discussed at each meet up. Although this concept may feel daunting to new-comers, it is a straightforward meditative process that can be honed merely with practice.

Registration: Preregistration is not necessary (drop-ins are welcome), but appreciated so that we can get a headcount of materials needed. Cost is $20-$35 sliding scale as you are able to afford. RSVP via


Online Witch School
w/ Ylva Mara Radziszewski

Thru weekly podcasts & videos, homework assignments, a private & moderated Facebook page, 90 minute webinars twice a quarter, and recommended one-on-one sessions... you will develop a deeper understanding of the Witches Work and cultivate a relationship with your own unique Magic.

Complete course details & pricing options available on Ylva's website here.


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Upcoming Events at The Cunning Crow Teaching Temple...   

Children of the Wilderness | Every Thursday | 7pm-9pm
Children of the Wilderness is a safe, community space for free spirited folks in recovery. Sponsored and run by Recovery Allies, this is a peer lead alternative and supplement to step based addiction recovery.  We understand that recovery access and addiction is complicated by and interconnected with racism, sexism, heterosexism, classism, ageism, ableism, isolationism, xenophobia and other forms of oppression. This group is welcome to everyone working thru addiction recovery, whether you are currently working a program or not. We ask that you come committed to your recovery journey and we offer ample resources regardless of where you are in your recovery process.  This is a place to learn and share techniques of empowering your journey on the recovery path. Registration: These meetings are offered on a donation basis, no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Donation suggestion $5-$20 weekly, this will help to cover rent for space and supplies used. 

New Moon Community Esbat | 9.9.18 | 7pm-9pm
The cycles of the moon provide a model for the cyclical and dynamic energy of life. The energy of the Dark Moon, powerful and mysterious, is a reminder that space should always be created for maturation and growth. In this monthly offering, we will hold each other in community as we take this time of introspection to gather the energy of new beginnings and sow the seeds of change. Registration: $10-$30 sliding scale (no one turned away for lack of funds), payment is due at the door.

Invasive Plant Medicine | 9.14.18 | 7pm-9pm
Examining the layers of belief we hold about invasive plants is an interesting and transformative process, one that can shine a light into biases that we didn't even know we were holding, and hopefully bring about a more balanced way of being in relationship with the living world. Many if not all invasive plants are medicinal in some capacity, and present in abundance in rural and urban areas. We will talk in depth about a number of Washington's "invasive" plants and how to use them for food, medicine, and as guides for how to live well in changing times. Please bring a notebook or journal for notes. Registration: $30 No one turned away for lack of funds. RSVP to Emma Day via, see full course dates on her website

Phinney Art Walk | 9.14.18 | 7pm-9pm
Kiki Robinson aka Opulent Witch is a witch, psychic medium, energy healer, dancer, and creatrix. She is a multi-media artist and creates from her soul always with the intention of activation and healing. Her work in this lifetime involves assisting in Collective healing and transformation through creative modalities, and is deeply committed to community healing and magical activism. You can view more of her work at Registration: Free and open to the public.

Fall Equinox Ritual with Cascadia Grove | 9.16.18 | 7pm-9pm
Join Cascadia Grove in the celebration of the Fall. The deity of the occasion will most likely be Artio, Gaulish Bear goddess. We will honor her time of entering hibernation and having her cubs before she re-emerges in the spring. Rituals are followed by a shared meal of "finger foods." You are welcome to bring an offering or two, a food item for afterwards and/or just yourself. This event is open to the public. Registration: Free, although donations are gladly accepted.

Talisman Necklace Class with Maria LaFrance | 9.18.18 | 7pm-9pm
The history of jewelry is rich with stories of pieces meant to bring power. Such pieces included bones, beads, charms and other objects that were significant to the wearer. In this class we will create a necklace based on the idea of a talisman. Leather is braided to make a necklace base that can be adorned with special beads and pendants to create a power piece. Please bring a variety of beads, charms, and pendants with large holes. Instructor will have a small selection of beads and centerpieces available for purchase. Registration: $25 To register email Maria LaFrance at

A Witch's Herbal, Part 1 | 9.21.18 | 7pm-9pm
Part of walking the path of the witch involves forming relationships with plants as both healers and poisoners, bringers of blessing and bane. The poison plants of old have always been powerful allies and guides in the work of the witch, seer, mystic and healer, offering wisdom about honoring boundaries and fear, the birth-death-rebirth cycle of life, the ways of the spirit world, and more. Time in class will be spent in discussion and lecture. Direct interaction with the spirits of the plants is one of the best ways to build relationship with poisonous plants in particular, and this will be our focus or the evening. Please bring a journal and an offering for the altar. This is a two-part series with part two taking place on Friday, October 5th. Registration: $30 per class, although no one turned away for lack of funds.  RSVP via and register here.

Seattle Seidr Community High Seat | 9.23.18 | 1pm-4pm
The High Seat Ceremony is a simple and powerful ceremony of conscious mediumship. During the ceremony, Seidr practitioners serve as conscious mediums to the wisdom and healing of the compassionate deities of the Northern European Seidr tradition. From this place of compassionate communication with the divine, the practitioners serve the community in oracular and healing functions.  As a community participant, there will be an opportunity for you to approach the high seat as a seeker with a question you seek wisdom around.  There will also be an opportunity to receive an energetic healing transmission from the high seat. Registration: $10-$30 donation sliding scale, no pre-registration necessary.

Full Moon Community Esbat | 9.25.18 | 7pm-9:30pm
The moon and their cycles have inspired mystery and ceremony through all cultures and for time immeasurable. Their cycle of fecundity and repletion calls us to explore our world and how we relate to it. We invite you to join us for these magical evenings, as an opportunity to deepen in your relationship with the moon, your own magic and community. Registration: $10-$30 sliding scale (no one turned away for lack of funds, payment is due at the door.

Community Meditation | 9.26.18 | 7pm-9pm
Lead by Zen Buddhist Andrew Simonetti, this silent group meditation is an opportunity to encourage growth and insight into your own practice and connect intimately with the present moment with the support of community. Open to everyone of all spiritual faiths, meditation backgrounds, and experience. First-time or beginner meditators strongly encouraged! This will be a biweekly class held at the Cunning Crow Teaching Temple. Registration: Suggested donation of $5 to help with cost of space. No one turned away for lack of funds.

Reiki Circle | 9.28.18 | 7pm-9pm
Join Prashanthi Reddy of Anumati Healing Arts in this monthly Reiki Circle - every last Friday of the month through the rest of 2018. Both those attuned to Reiki and those un-attuned are welcome. Registration: $15 for those attuned, $20 for those not attuned, prepay here. Sliding scale available by request. Send inquiries to