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The Cunning Crow Apothecary's Teaching Temple & Clinic hosts a wide variety of classes and events.  Check this page for our offerings each month or sign up for our newsletter (via the form at the bottom of this page) to have our class/event schedule emailed to you monthly.


The Cunning Crow Apothecary:
Herbal Foundations Series

A Drop-In Series Introduction To Herbal Medicine

Dates: One Weekend Day a Month for 9 Months/Yr
Cost: $75-$150 per class sliding scale

About the Course:
Through a series of lectures and supplemental labs, we will navigate our DIY, home herbal-medicine coursework. This series will introduce you to a multitude of ways to connect with the healing magic of herbs, while developing and deepening in foundational home-herbal know-how. You will walk away from this course with an understanding of how herbal medicine dances with the seasons and a foundational skill set to weave the abundant magic of plants into your life.

These classes can be taken as stand-alone workshops, although the material will certainly build on itself as we move through the program, so we recommenced attending as much of the series as you are able, to attain the full richness of the coursework.

Learn More, See Dates & Register Here


1st Year Healing Craft Circle
Practitioner Training Class 2018

Intuitive & Spiritual Development through Traditional Magic, the Ceremony of Elemental Magic & Earth Medicine
Offered By Ylva Mara Radziszewski
Select Tuesdays 7:00pm-9:30pm

- Registration for this class is now closed.  Online payment is available here for those who have already enrolled. -

About the Course:
This circle offers a safe and sacred container for your intuitive and spiritual development. Over the course of this year we will learn the foundations of The Healing Craft through the study and practice of Traditional Magic techniques and Earth Medicine healing practices. You will develop and deepen personal relationships with the Elements of Nature and the Healing Craft. 

Each class we will learn to apply these relationships to intuitive development and divination techniques, psychic protection, ecstatic journeying and faring forth, hands on healing, energy clearing, and daily personal practices. Throughout this year we will explore your individual cosmology and relationship to Source within the context of community. I encourage you to take what you learn in class and unravel it, question it, pull it apart and weave it into a cosmology that most resembles your walk.

Complete course details & calendar available on Ylva's website here.


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Upcoming Events at The Cunning Crow Teaching Temple...   

Children of the Wilderness | Every Thursday | 7pm-9pm
Children of the Wilderness is a safe, community space for free spirited folks in recovery. Sponsored and run by Recovery Allies, this is a peer lead alternative and supplement to step based addiction recovery.  We understand that recovery access and addiction is complicated by and interconnected with racism, sexism, heterosexism, classism, ageism, ableism, isolationism, xenophobia and other forms of oppression. This group is welcome to everyone working thru addiction recovery, whether you are currently working a program or not. We ask that you come committed to your recovery journey and we offer ample resources regardless of where you are in your recovery process.  This is a place to learn and share techniques of empowering your journey on the recovery path. Registration: These meetings are offered on a donation basis, no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Donation suggestion $5-$20 weekly, this will help to cover rent for space and supplies used. 

Entering the Labyrinth: Fundamentals of Modern Paganism | 12.2.17 | 1pm-4pm
Offered by Fellowship of the Phoenix, this is the final class in a three part series.  The curriculum will be valuable to both those seeking entrance to the fellowship's tradition and those who are just looking for some solid basics on modern Paganism.  Curriculum will discuss the history of modern Paganism, western occultism, defining magic and beginning practice. Registration: sign up can be done through the Fellowship of the Phoenix Facebook Page.
Herbal Medicine For The Seasons: Building a Home Apothecary | 12.3.17 | 2pm-4pm
This hands on and informative class series with Emma Day will cover practical medicine-making skills as well as discussing in depth a number of plants that are available in the PNW from late summer to winter, how to harvest and prepare them, and what their medicinal and magical uses are. In this class, you will leave with an herbal syrup, so bring a jar half full of honey. Registration: This will be an ongoing series with each class building off the skills learned in earlier ones, but they are inspiring on their own.  $25-$65 sliding scale per class.  RSVP to Emma via  Series dates: 10.14, 11.5, 12.3, 2.4.

Community Esbat | 12.4.17 | 7pm-9:30pm
Join us for a community celebration of the full moon. The moon and her cycles have inspired mystery and ceremony through all cultures and for time immeasurable.  Her cycle of fecundity and repletion calls us to explore our world and how we relate to it.  We invite you to join us for these magical evenings, as an opportunity to deepen in your relationship with the moon, your own magic and community.  Registration: Tickets are $10-$30 sliding scale (no one turned away for lack of funds), payment is due at the door. 

Soulful Circle: Intentional Community Gathering | 12.6.17 | 7pm-9pm 
Join Astrologer Erica Jones for a continuation of Soulful Circle (previously led by Stef Frenzl), a circle offering a chance to join in community to deepen your cunning craft and awaken to the calling of soul in community. In this circle, we will explore our connection with Soul, the unique qualities and attributes that align us with our inner calling.  Registration: $10-$20 (pay what you can - no one turned away for lack of funds), RSVP via; drop-ins are also welcome. 

Arts Walk | 12.8.17 | 6pm-9pm
Join us for our unveiling of this month's featured artist: Bobby DiTrani.  Bobby's work focuses on themes of mythology, archetype, and implied narrative, often with an environmental undertone. Drawing from past and contemporary influences, new myths are transcribed for our times in a figurative manner, a climate of unrest described hovering amongst the natural world.  Registration: Free admission event.

Witches Write: Writing Circle | 12.8.17 | 7pm-9pm 
Lead by Imani Sims, this writing circle is a place for mystics to gather, generate new work, study mentor texts, and discover the unique tongue attached to your craft. We will also use the art of positive feedback to reinforce your writing strengths. Finally, as there is power in performance, we will discuss best practices for sharing our work in public spaces.  Meets Fridays 12.8, 1.5, 2.2 & 3.2.    Registration: $12-$25 sliding scale (or $80 for the whole series), email Imani directly at to sign up. 

Self-Care w/ Crystals: Surviving the Holidays! | 12.12.17 | 7pm-9:30pm 
These times are challenging. To our bodies, our minds, and our spirits. The simplest way we can cope with life's challenges is through a dedicated practice of self-care, of tending to ourselves and our spirits in nourishing, uplifting, and compassionate ways. In this workshop led by Aubrey Bramble of Swan Children Alchemy, you'll learn how to work with crystals for self-care.  Participants will receive a selection of gemstones relating to self-care, step-by-step instruction on suggested activities to try at home, and will participate in a self-care ritual with the class.  Registration: $25-$35 sliding scale, prepay via Aubrey's website.

Sound Bath | 12.13.17 | 7:30pm-8:30pm
Join Serene Sound Sessions for an hour long experience of relaxation and meditation guided by sound and vibration. We will slip into an immersive sensory concert performed with Quartz Crystal Bowls. Pure tones create a symphony of sounds ranging from harmony to dissonance as organic binaural beats entrain the brain and facilitate a shift in your state of consciousness, encouraging the production of Theta waves in your brain.  Registration: $20 (pay what you can - no one turned away for lack of funds).

Soulful Circle: Intentional Community Gathering | 12.20.17 | 7pm-9pm
Join Astrologer Erica Jones for a continuation of Soulful Circle (previously led by Stef Frenzl), a circle offering a chance to join in community to deepen your cunning craft and awaken to the calling of soul in community. In this circle, we will explore our connection with Soul, the unique qualities and attributes that align us with our inner calling.  Registration: $10-$20 (pay what you can - no one turned away for lack of funds), RSVP via; drop-ins are also welcome. 
Plant Medicine Wisdom | 12.22.17 | 7pm-9pm
This once monthly plant meditation with Natasha Clarke is a transformational practice that will increase awareness and open new channels for anyone interested and currently calling on herbal medicine for healing. Creating a traditional setting for honoring the plants we will hold open the circle and call the plant spirits in with songs that they have gifted. When our minds are empty and hearts open we will taste and experience the medicine of the herb; allowing the intricate notes of intuition and sensations flow through our body and move inwards to see what we feel.  Registration: $5-$10 sliding scale, RSVP via

Reiki Circle | 12.29.17 | 7pm-10pm 
Join Prashanthi Reddy of Anumati Healing Arts in this monthly Reiki Circle - every last Friday of the month through the rest of 2017.  Both those attuned to Reiki and those un-attuned are welcome.  Registration: $15 for those attuned, $20 for those not attuned, prepay here.  Sliding scale available upon request.  Send inquiries to

Pets That Have Passed: Altar & Doll Workshop | 12.30.17 | 12pm-4pm 
The loss of a pet is the loss of a family member.  In this workshop led by Kook Teflon, we will discuss our pets we have lost and build altars & poppets in their honor. Bring any belongings that were associated with your pet - ashes, hair etc.  Honoring loved ones helps with the healing process; no matter how long ago you lost your pet, you are welcomed to join us.  Registration: $40-$75 sliding scale, plus a $20 supply fee due on the day of class. Preregister with Kook via