Healing Services

In addition to offering healing sessions with our proprietress, Ylva Mara, The Cunning Crow Apothecary has community practitioners of various healing modalities available each day of the week.  You can find more information about all our current practitioners below.  

Ylva Mara Radziszewski | The Cunning Crow Proprietress | Crow Song Healing Arts

Ylva MaraHello, I'm Ylva Mara Radziszewski, EAMP, LAc. I believe that Magic is Medicine.  I believe that when awakened, this magic can help us heal ourselves, each other and the sacred Earth.  It is my belief that all of us carry a unique magic, which no one can take from you or teach to you.  My intention is to share a sacred space to support you in remembering your own sacred way of being.  I believe that you know the right way for you, I commit to offering compassion and witness in your remembering.   There is a Romani word for this, drom.  It means "the way" or "the journey" and is often used to indicate the truth of ones walk.  I started Crow Song to offer personal healing sessions and classes to serve however best uplifts your journey; to assist you in achieving your personal, professional and spiritual wellness goals.

Healing sessions may include the application of:

- East Asian Medicine
- Energy Clearings & Energetic Body Work
- Coaching, Mentorship, Intuitive Readings
- Herbal Medicine and Traditional Magic Healing Techniques
- Soul Tending, Essence Retrieval, Space Blessings & Rites Of Passage Officiation
- Compassionate Depossession, Curse Breaking & Thought-Form Release

More Info At: Crow Song Healing Arts | info@traditionalmagic.com

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Our Current Community Practitioners...

Kook Teflon | Root Worker & Healer, Intuitive, Teacher and Channeler | Mondays & Thursdays

My practice started in the mid 80's when I was 14, with the help of my mother and her teachers. Accompanying her for tarot gatherings, metaphysical workshops and classes, for a short time I would give past life readings to guests.

In the last decade I have embraced my relationship with the dead through intimate encounters and telling their stories. I began to focus on the healing to help others through mediumship, channeling, intuition, plant life & spirit baths n' remedies, altar building n tending.

Personally experiencing divorce, loss, death, parenting & mid life have given me the tools for understanding/helping others to heal and grow to their full potential. I consistently attend workshops to heighten my wisdom & practices.

Currently my work with others is focused on vocabulary habits that can turn your life around with a positive outcome: Words Have Power and Cast Spells. I also offer 4-6 week sessions on ancestor shadows and unraveling family karma that does not belong to you, so if you would like to either connect stronger with your ancestors or mindfully disconnect I can help you with that!

Working with you to love you, empower & live your life to the fullest. Banishing toxic people and experiences so you can release and grow. 

If you are ready, it takes work, but the potentials are endless. I am here, you are not alone.

More Info At: Kook Teflon's Website | paynecreations@gmail.com


Anna Rebecca López | Intuitive Readings & Brujeria | Tuesdays


Anna Rebecca headshotI believe we are walking ancestors. We hold the DNA of those who lived before us in our marrow and if we listen, can heed the lessons learned in this generation and prior to help us walk this life. I believe that when we listen to the call of our bones and blood, when we build relationship with our traumas, when we return to our origins, we can provide space for healing. As a bruja, curandera, and intuitive, my intent is to create space for both healing and witnessing. As a queer, indigenous POC, Latinx and a daughter of immigrants, my hope is for you to build relationship with your totality. I offer sessions by walk-in or appointment. Sessions may include any of the following...








- Intuitive Readings

- Spell & Ritual Work

- Energy & Herbal Remedies


More Info At: jaguarsunhealingarts@gmail.com


Denice Taylor | Astrologer & Bodyworker | Charis Healing Arts | Fridays (By Appointment Only)

Denice TaylorAs Without, So Within
The universe moves in rhythmic ever-evolving relationship. As described by physicist Ervin Laszlo, this “informed universe is a world of subtle but constant interconnection, a world where everything informs, acts and interacts, with everything else.” The informed universe holds essential patterns for health, harmony and growth. When we consciously choose to interact with the essential patterns revealed in our experiences and held in the tissues of our bodies, we accept the invitation to come home, to “arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

As Without
Astrology is a symbolic language that describes the movement of light and energy. Vitalistic astrology explores perspective and pattern from the archetypal and mythic to the personal, and back again. It offers the opportunity to imagine life anew, as an act of creation, devotion and integration.

So Within
Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a gentle and effective from of bodywork that is based on deeply listening to the patterns of inherent health and wisdom held within our bodies. Following the relationships of structure (anatomy) and function (physiology), CST works with the central nervous system and the flow of the cerebral spinal fluid (CSF). The CST moves every structure of the body, every cell of the body, through tidal, wave-like rhythms. It is considered to be the “Breath of Life” and is the core expression of vitality. By feeling, or listening to, the tidal rhythms, essential patterns of potency can be engaged to facilitate greater awareness and health.


I have been in practice as an intuitive astrologer and a licensed massage therapist for 20 years. I have advanced training and certification in craniosacral therapy and my special areas of interest are the astrology of Chiron and the Centaurs and natural magic as natural medicine. I would be honored to support you on your path to the well of being.


More Info At: 206-437- 1617 | charishealingarts@frontier.com