Transcend: A Ritual Gathering for Non-Binary & Trans Community

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Transcend: A Ritual Gathering for Non-Binary & Trans Community

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A Once Monthly Gathering Facilitated by Ylva Mara Radziszewski with monthly guest facilitators

@ The Cunning Crow Teaching Temple
6:30pm - 9:30pm
Cost: $5-$30 as you are honestly able to afford.  While no one will be turned away for lack of funds, please do pay what you can so that we can pay for cost of space and continue to hold this gathering.  You can pay ahead via this page or at the store before each meet up. 

2019 Dates:  **UPDATE 6/17/19 - We are currently redoing the remainder of the year's schedule and the Transcend dates are TBD.  We are grateful for your patience while we have our community events on pause to re-coordinate our temple schedule. ** 

About the Series
This is a sacred, safer container in which non-binary and trans folx can explore spiritual themes that help us to heal and reconcile the cultural-social-political impact of living as non-binary and trans persons in this world. This is an opportunity to reclaim our sacred space.

We will be creating ritual to explore our individual and communal magic together. Each month we will open circle by calling in sacred space, building an altar, and feeding our spirits and transcestors together.

Please understand that this gathering is intended for our non-binary and trans community members ONLY. For our cis-gender allies, you are welcome to support this work by offering donations for space rental, supplies, and to provide a financial stipend for guest facilitators. We understand that many in our community may feel excluded by this boundary. It is important to understand that the majority of our community events are available to our cis-gender community members. This series seeks to reserve 12 evenings over the course of the year to specifically serve our non-binary and trans community members.

This year we will be focusing on the following themes:
• Empowering our voices and resilience
• Working with our supporting spirits and transcestors (trans ancestors), and care for our transcendants (trans descendants)
• Community support and connection
• Ritual and magic to support our work
• Self and Gender-Affirming Care

Later in the year we will be welcoming in guest teachers focusing on:
• Trans Sacred Sexuality
• Self-defense
• De-colonial Herbalism

We may post more specific topics before each monthly event, or we may plan more spontaneously based on events that are affecting our community.

This is a monthly drop in circle for trans and non-binary people*
*We welcome gender non-conforming and gender questioning people regardless of gender expression. We do not seek to define or invalidate another person’s gender identity.

We strive to center those of us most marginalized by supremacy oppression, including gender non-binary, transgender, BIPOC, and disabled folx. As such we seek to create a space that actively de-centers cis-centric, hetero-normativity.

If you have questions about what this means and whether or not this space is for you, contact us.

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