The Cunning Crow Apothecary is Seattle's resource for herbal remedies, self-care products & gifts, as well as wortcunning & ceremonial supplies. We are your go to for classes on traditional magic, energy healing and herbal medicine.  We also host a variety of community practitioners in our space on various days of the week.

The mission of the Cunning Crow Apothecary is to offer traditional medicine for a modern world; providing a variety of herbal remedies and self care goods to meet your health and wellness goals.  Through educational programs and our quality products, we seek to empower our clients to reclaim the magic of their daily lives.  The Cunning Crow Apothecary’s mission is to reawaken and make accessible the practical power of traditional wisdom and herbal medicine.

In Old English, cunning was a word used to name wisdom or one who knows.  It also described erudition, skill and application of knowledge. One who is cunning, is one who can know; who can teach.  The cunning folk are those who know and who can teach, one who can teach you to know.  Wisdoms from the natural world are the teachings of the cunning folk.  Their relationships with herbs, minerals, and the elements allow them to make ceremony of their craft.  The craft of The Cunning Crow Apothecary, is the cunning craft of the herbs.  Also known as Wortcunning, the magic of herbalism.  It is an Old English term that translates, loosely, to “the wisdom of herbs.”   Wort is Old English for "plant."

You can read more about The Cunning Crow staff below...

Ylva Mara RadziszewskiYlva Mara, founder & proprietress, is a traditional witch, teacher, writer, energy healer and acupuncturist in Seattle, WA; having earned her MS in acupuncture from Bastyr Universtiy in 2010. Through her practice Crow Song Healing Arts, she offers spiritual mentorship, ceremony, classes and private healing sessions focused on rekindling the inherent wisdom within.

"As a healer, writer, teacher and witch I am dedicated to the preservation and sustained practice of the traditional magic & medicine teachings I have been gifted. For the wisdom and blessing of the Healing Craft, I thank my teachers: Jackie Mc Closkey, Cynthia Dove, Forest Jones & Joe Butera , Jan Tucker-Pettway, Char Sundust, Araceli Domínguez, Steve Dahmus, Betsy Bergstrom, Deborah Frances Dancing Crow, and most importantly my Grandmother Jewel for the gift of our Ancestral Way and my Grandmother Angelika for the gift of our Whisper."


Ren Carothers of Fox & Fern Healing ArtsRen, store manager, is a witch & folk herbalist with a private energetic healing practice Fox & Fern Healing Arts.  Always an enthusiast of nature and the outdoors, Ren obtained a BA in sustainability studies and medicinal botany at The Evergreen State College in 2013.  Ren has since pursued further training with KP Khalsa, Lauren Herold & Ylva Radziszewski.  Ren offers plant-based energetic healing sessions and workshops.


Anna Lopez, Assistant ManagerAnna, assistant manager, is a bruja and curandera who draws heavily from her Mayan ancestral roots. She works with plants medicinally, energetically, and spiritually in her practice, and often incorporates plants as a dyeing medium for her weavings. Working in relationship with plants and weaving as a healing modality, she strives to create space for others to remember and reclaim their own magic and power.


Emma Day, Black Spruce HerbalsEmma, clerk, is an herbalist, educator, and devotee of the natural world in all its power and grace. She currently teaches a number of classes in Seattle that focus on her passions which include bioregional herbalism, ethical wild-crafting, the craft and art of medicine making, ways to cultivate intimate relationship with the green world, psychic development, personal empowerment through reconnection with authentic ancestral teachings, and the rich world of folklore and plant magic. Emma has a private plant and herbal practice Black Spruce Herbals.


Melissa Cerise, InternMelissa, intern, is a neuroqueer spoonie witch who is here to support you in meeting your personal wellness goals.

Hecate hound, witch dogIris, resident witch dog, is Ylva's canine companion and the resident Witch Dog at The Cunning Crow Apothecary.  She is committed to snuggles, making you laugh and manifesting the Sacred Trickster whenever our craft becomes too serious!  A new adoption, she is settling in beautifully while she learns the ropes... one thing she doesn't have to learn is love.  She has plenty of that ancient magic to go around... and better still she doesn't charge a thing, well maybe a little sniff.  She is our very friendly store watch dog and vacuum cleaner.