The mission of the Cunning Crow Apothecary is to offer traditional medicine for a modern world; providing a variety of herbal remedies and self care goods to meet your health and wellness goals.  Through educational programs, healing services, and physical & spiritual self-care supplies, we seek to empower folx to reclaim the magic of their daily lives.  

We’re a trans-owned and community-lead ritual space and supply store located in the occupied Duwamish and Coast Salish territory also known as Seattle, Washington. We focus much of our work and rituals in support of those made most vulnerable by systemic oppression; and those allies committed to further dismantling these systems. Our shop seeks to source our products from local witches & makers as much as possible. We carry a number of different kinds of ritual supplies to support the work of our community members, sourcing culturally appropriate accessibility to a variety of ceremonial wares. Many of our offerings are handmade, small batch, and charmed in-house to provide you with genuine, easily utilized rituals and spells. We work magic this way to demonstrate how simple and intuitive a relationship to magic can be. We hope to empower you to meet & know your own medicine within, and realize its radiant capacity for healing.

The Cunning Crow Apothecary began in 2015 as a temple space for community gatherings, workshops and rituals. Proprietress Ylva Mara opened our storefront in the spring of 2016 in the hopes of expanding our offerings to include more comprehensive, integrated healing with the expansion of herbal care and ritual supplies. In 2018, we grew further still, with the founding of our advisory board and council for our Witches Temple, through which we hope to further inform and center our offerings around the intersections within our community.

You can read more about The Cunning Crow staff below...

Ylva Mara RadziszewskiYlva Mara, founder & proprietress (she/her, they/them), is a High Priestess, a temple tender, traditional witch, teacher, writer, artist, licensed acupuncturist and herbalist. She is also a chronically ill, disabled, non-binary trans femme of Slavic, Polish, Balkan, and Romani ancestry. As someone who was raised outside of Romani culture due to colonialism, genocide, diaspora, and white supremacy and as someone who benefits from gadjeness and white privilege, Ylva Mara focuses on magic as reparation, service, and radical resistance. Through her practice Crow Song Healing Arts, she offers spiritual mentorship, ceremony, classes and private healing sessions focused on rekindling the inherent wisdom within.  You can read more about her practice on our Healing Services page. 


Ren Carothers of Fox & Fern Healing Arts
Ren, store manager 
(they/them), is a non-binary trans queer witch & folk herbalist who enjoys frolicking in overgrown patches of weeds.  Previously a student of Ylva's, Ren is excited to be a part of a community centering queer magic.  When they are not hiding in the office, Ren enjoys crafting plant & planetary care potions for folx.  Ren occasionally offers plant-based healing sessions and workshops out of the apothecary.  Their private energetic healing practice is Fox & Fern Healing Arts.    


Alexis, clerk (she/her), is a Rootworker born into Conjure.  She says, "a salt of the earth practical witch, I take my West African ancestry, Southern roots, Pentecostal upbringing and the influence of the powerful land of western Washington, to weave together a magick that is authentic to my existence. My desire is to be a bridge for those seeking to reclaim their hereditary magick. To feed the collective power of healing so that bodies, minds and spirits can be restored from lived and inherited trauma." 



Melissa Cerise, Intern

Melissa, clerk (they/them), says, "I am a tender of thresholds. I walk with trauma and I walk with death. I walk with deep healing and I walk with vitality. My craft is to empower folx to thoughtfully and intentionally address their existential pain so they may find footing from which to thrive."




Sam, intern

Sam, clerk (they/them, she/her, sir) is a cat obsessed, queer, agender witch somehow surviving in late stage capitalism. Sam’s hunger for herbalism and witchcraft came at a young age, when they started creating their own home remedies and beauty treatments. Since then they have created their own line of teas and smoking mixes under their brand, The Cat and Kettle. Sam holds a BA in Interdisciplinary Arts from the UW with focuses in theatre, art history, psychology, and gender studies. For nearly ten years Sam’s career has been focused on teaching theatre classes for children and working in a preschool classroom setting. Sam received an award the last two years for their work in creating social justice curriculum for children under age five. Sam is also an artistic associate at Annex Theatre, a storyteller, cat parent, and devoted spouse.  


Hecate hound, witch dogIris, resident witch dog, is Ylva's canine companion and the resident Witch Dog at The Cunning Crow Apothecary.  She is committed to snuggles, making you laugh and manifesting the Sacred Trickster whenever our craft becomes too serious!  A new adoption, she is settling in beautifully while she learns the ropes... one thing she doesn't have to learn is love.  She has plenty of that ancient magic to go around... and better still she doesn't charge a thing, well maybe a little sniff.  She is our very friendly store watch dog and vacuum cleaner.


Indi Witch DogIndie, resident witch dog, is Ren's canine companion and the store elder.  When Indie is on-duty, she works hard to ensure every customer is adequately greeted, sniffed, and nuzzled throughout their shopping experience, as well as alerted to any animal presence nearing the premises.  Indie and Iris have quite the sibling rivalry, so if you're picking favorites, you best keep it to yourself, lest you feed the feud.  


Interested in working with us?

With all the exciting changes planned this year, we may have new clerk positions opening at the Cunning Crow Apothecary! If interested, please refer to our Jobs page.