Job Positions at The Cunning Crow
If we're currently hiring, we'll be sure to post on our Facebook and send an alert in our newsletter. Positions we most often have available when hiring include: hourly retail clerk (part time) and/or floating hourly retail clerk (floating staff works on occasional basis to supplement or fill-in for regular staff as needed).

In the meantime, we are always gladly accepting resumes! Send email us your resume to Please include a cover letter expanding on the following areas:
- a brief intro about yourself and your folk/magical/spiritual/herbal practice (if/as applicable to you)
- what about the apothecary interests you and what your goals are in seeking employment with us
- what skills and experience you have that you think would make you an awesome addition to our crows nest.

We will be centering applicants who are most marginalized by the culture of white supremacy.

Please read our Accessibility page for information about the accessibility of the space.