The Practice of Romani Magic with Sinti Romani Activist Jezmina Von Thiele

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The Practice of Romani Magic with Sinti Romani Activist Jezmina Von Thiele
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Date, Location & Cost

Saturday July 6th, 2019

11am - 3pm

At The Cunning Crow Teaching Temple, 9020 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

$80/ticket.  We have limited sliding scale tickets from $30-$70 for those unable to afford the full rate.  If you are able to afford the full rate, please do, as this allows us offer discounted tickets to folx who cannot!

Note: The venue location was originally PNA, but this has changed - we are hosting this event at our business address!

About This Event: 

Jezmina Von Thiele is a Sinti Romani Activist, Drabarni, Witch, Fortune Teller, Artist, Dancer, and Energy Healer.  Join Jezmina as she shares with us the foundational techniques of the drabaripé (Romani fortune telling, and healing magic.) This hands-on workshop is open to everyone and no experience in the techniques of Fortune Telling necessary.  

Jez will offer you insight into Romani magic and divination thru exploring the history and practice of Sinti palmistry, tea-leaf reading, tarot, and dream work. 

Jezmina will also be offering readings at our 2nd Annual Psychic Faire on Sunday, July 7th from 11am – 6pm at the Fremont Foundry. 

 A Final Note: 

 It is a rare and beautiful opportunity to learn about the Drabaripé from a Drabarni (Romani wise woman) and lineage keeper. We are blessed and grateful that Jezmina will be sharing her wisdom and the teachings passed down to her by her grandmother.  If you read tarot, practice palmistry, or any other form of divination, this is the perfect opportunity to deepen in your relationship with your craft. This workshop is open to anyone interested in the history and practice of Romani Fortune Telling, tarot, palmistry, tea leaf reading.

About Jazmina:

“I learned card, palm, and tea leaf reading from my Romani-Sinti grandmother when I was a child. The women in my family were traditionally dancers and fortune tellers, while many of the men were musicians and crow charmers.  

My grandmother taught me our family trades, dancing and drabaripé (fortune telling, and healing magic), and she taught me about a different kind of witch— the drabarni, or healer or adviser. Usually the drabarni is a woman in the Romani community who uses prayer, amulets, herbs, and energy work to heal physical, emotional, and spiritual illness. Some of these practices survived in my family, despite my grandmother growing up in Nazi Germany and hiding her ethnicity, because down the line there were drabarni in my grandmother’s family."

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