Crow Song School of Traditional Magic Online: Foundations 1

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Crow Song School of Traditional Magic Online: Foundations 1
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Foundations 1: The Witches Wheel

Foundations 1 covers preliminary considerations for beginning a witchcraft practice, such as: an introduction to ceremonies & themes different times of the year on the witches calendar; tips for connecting with your intuition; safety and boundaries when interacting with the unseen world; tending to an altar; making prayers and devotions; connecting with ancestors; working with the lunations; and working with shadow.  

This course is a series of 10 lessons, outlined below.  Each lesson contains multiple components of audio lectures and handouts.  Foundations 1 is intended to be taken in totality.  It is also possible to pick & choose lessons if you desire, but please be aware that occasionally certain lessons may briefly reference teachings from previous lessons, which may be mildly confusing out of context.

You can purchase each lesson for $15 each, or as a bundle and receive the final lesson free (savings of $15), for a total of $135.  While we do not offer sliding scale payments for online witch school, this is simply because the base price is already as discounted as we could make it while recouping production & platform cost; we are offering online witch school at low cost to be a more accessible alternative for folx for whom the in-person teachings are not applicable due to cost or other accessibility hindrances. 

1.1 | On Beginnings: An Introduction to the Witches Wheel, A Ritual for Imbolg, Suggestions for Crafting Imbolg Ritual Candles

1.2 | What is Magic? An invitation to awaken the Witch, Exploring the Practice of Traditional Magic, Techniques to Find Your Inner Witch

1.3 | Sacred Containers: Boundaries vs. Walls, Prayer as Invitation for a Relationship with Divinity, Techniques to access the Higher Self

1.4 | Embodiment & Blessings: Teachings on the Witches Altar, Devotional Etiquette, Techniques of Altar Building & The Sacred Practice of Self Blessing and Consecration

1.5 | Accessing Ancestral Magic (Webinar Audio), Introduction to Working With Lunar Phases

1.6 | On Spring: Asking for Help, A Ritual for the Vernal Equinox, Teachings on Petitionary Prayer

1.7 | Notice What You Notice: Psychic Protection, Techniques for Grounding, Clearing & Shielding, Connecting to the Tree of Life

1.8 | Tending to Our Relationships with Spirit: Contacting and Connecting with Spiritual Allies

1.9 | Empowerment & Honoring our Shadows: Exploring Self, Re-Framing of Shadow

1.10 | Beltane Ceremony, Witches Wheel Review

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