Compassionate Depossession Workshop In NOLA

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Compassionate Depossession Workshop In NOLA
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Join Ylva Mara For a special workshop in New Orleans!
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday May 31st - June 2nd
10am - 6pm each day
Class Cost: $500 (sliding scale available, please pay the payment option in which you are honestly able to afford )
Location: Rosalie Apothecary 3201 Toulouse St, New Orleans, Louisiana 70119

About Compassionate Depossession: In life, we can experience significant events that may result in our becoming more permeable to suffering beings and non-self entities. Suffering beings are often the lingering spirits or energies of people whose deaths were compromised by cosmological, emotional, or environmental factors. The result of this permeability may be the overshadowing or possession by non-self beings.

OF COURSE there’s so much more nuance to this process... hence the training. Also, overshadowing and possession is natural... think about the ways that our mood may shift in the presence of someone having a hard time or the way they shift when we offer support. It’s as natural as a common cold.

Possession may also be a result of a non-corporal entity whose energies overshadow the mind, body, and energy of living people. Some symptoms may be sudden/unexplainable sickness, the feeling of being watched, non-self impulses, worsening or non-contextual depression, phobias, and uncharacteristic substance use.

Compassionate Depossession is the work of Betsy Bergstrom and can be employed as a gentler, more approachable, easeful, and empowering alternative to assisting non-self beings and energies to be cleared from clients and make a successful journey to their Compassionate Source. This is especially important when working with folx whose life circumstances cause an increase in vulnerability. In this workshop we will:

- Access and connect with our Truest Self, compassionate healing allies, and spirits who support this work for you
- Learn to guide clients in assisting a mutually beneficial separation from suffering beings
- Learn empowering strategies for healing from overshadowing & possessing spirits
- Learn techniques to assist the depossession & passage of non-self spirits and energies at all stages of the work (and how to manage sessions where a clearing isn’t yet possible or ideal)
- Learn essential self-care strategies to deal with intrusions from spirits wanting to cross over

Please Note: Space is limited. Confidence in a foundational spiritual cosmology are required; as is a willingness to hold various cosmological perspectives. Strong personal self-care and daily spiritual practice will greatly aid you in this work and training. We have a couple reduced rate spots available ($150-300) as well as one work/trade intern position available. Please email the shop at, if interested.

~ Bio-degradable offerings to feed the altar and the spirits we will be working with
~ Notebook and writing tools
~ Culturally appropriate items for the community Altar (these will be left in the teaching space to charge and will return home with you following the work)
~ Snacks and beverages (there will be plenty of breaks, including lunch breaks)
~ Two stones, gems, crystals that have agreed to be in relationship with you and this work. One will be used to "record" the content of the course, the other will be blessed and dedicated as a tool in assisting your Compassionate Depossession work.
~ A wrapped gift to exchange with another workshop attendee at the end of our day on Sunday. (This can be something that you adore but have out grown and would benefit another.)
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