Herbal Foundations Series

The Cunning Crow Apothecary:
Herbal Foundations Drop-In Series

9 Month Drop-In Series; One Weekend Day A Month (Dates Below)

@ The Cunning Crow Apothecary Teaching Temple
10:00am-1:00pm Lecture | {Lunch Break} | 2:30pm-5:30pm Lab
$75-$150 per class - sliding scale as you are able to afford 
(includes supply costs)

About the Series
Through a series of lectures and supplemental labs, we will navigate our DIY, home herbal-medicine coursework. This series will introduce you to a multitude of ways to connect with the healing magic of herbs, while developing and deepening in foundational home-herbal know-how. You will walk away from this course with an understanding of how herbal medicine dances with the seasons and a foundational skill set to weave the abundant magic of plants into your life.

Throughout the year, we will study herbs as they come into season and explore the ways our bodies are affected by these seasonal shifts.  We will discover ways to form alliances with plants for support.  Working with principles of western herbal & Traditional Chinese medicine, we will explore the history, magic, lore, and pharmacological and ethnobotanical uses of herbs.  In learning about the cyclical nature of herbalism, we will also discuss  a variety of earth-based and pagan seasonal holidays.

The Cunning Crow Apothecary - Herbal Foundations Series will explore herbal medicine within the context of the seasonal cycle of the year.  As the seasons change around us, so to do they effectuate shifts within us – you may notice that you crave hearty, rooty vegetables during the months of fall and winter and spring greens as seedlings sprout in the months following.  This series will make inquiry of your innate connection to the cycles of the Earth and offer opportunity to explore & deepen that relationship.  You will develop resources to utilize the planet’s abundance for growth and healing, for yourself, community and for the Earth.

Core Curriculum

-    Exploration of physical & metaphysical plant energetics
-    Experiential herbal medicine crafting with the seasons (using both folk and scientific methods)
- Introductory herbal Materia Magicae (magical & folkloric use)
-    Introductory herbal Materia Medica (medicinal use)
-    Foundational understanding of the body systems’ role in herbal medicine
-    Foundational understanding of seasonal herbalism 

Some other topics we will more briefly dip our toes into include— 
-    Brief introduction to organoleptic plant identification and taxonomy
-    Wildcrafting and wildcrafting ethics

Core Values

-    Deepening the innate connection between self & the earth
-    Cultivation of a responsible relationship with plant medicine in which respect, sustainability and herbal safety are valued 

Course Dates
Nov. 19th (Sunday) 
{Dec. Break}
Jan. 6th (Saturday)
Feb. 3rd (Saturday)
Mar. 31st (Saturday)
{April Break}
May 5th (Saturday)
June 30th (Saturday)
July 28th (Saturday)
Aug. 25th (Saturday) {Local Area Fieldtrip!}
Sept 23rd (Sunday)

Each lecture will discuss how our bodies are physiologically (and energetically) affected during the relevant time of the year.  We will also explore the traditions of that time of year’s associated pagan  and seasonal holiday as it pertains to the history and application of western herbal medicine.  Each of the corresponding lab classes will be an experiential learning process of crafting various herbal preparations.  In addition, we will often have expert guest speakers (herbalists, crafters, witches, ceremonialists) to discuss related topics in their field.  

These classes can be taken as stand-alone workshops, although the material will certainly build on itself as we move through the program, so we recommenced attending the entire series to attain the full richness of the coursework. 

Registration: To be included on the class roster for the next upcoming workshop, please buy a ticket here.  Tickets will also be available at the door if the workshop does not sell out ahead of time.