Creating Safer and More Sacred Space
The Witch is a wild thing, a boundary dweller, and a radical force of nature. Witch lives inside of us. Proprietress Ylva Mara is first and foremost a Witch. All of her classes and one-on-one work takes place in The Cunning Crow Apothecary Teaching Temple. The temple is a dedicated safer space for all of our wild and marginalized community members. The Cunning Crow Apothecary understands that access to wellness and the reclaiming of personal Magic is complicated by and interconnected with racism, sexism, heterosexism, cis-sexism, classism, ageism, ableism, isolationism, xenophobia and other forms of oppression.  With a dedication to creating a safer community space, Ylva asks that you arrive with an openness to the above declaration and a commitment to co-creating a safer space for all marginalized members of our community.
Space Accessibility:
- The #5 bus stops 1/2 block from our shop.
- There is a gravel lot on the north side of the building and two paved spots in front of the shop for client and customer parking.
- This is not a scent free space as we do manufacture and sell herbal products in the shop/temple, including essential oils and incenses
- If you have scent sensitivities and would like to attend classes/sessions with Ylva Mara, please indicate this in your registration. We will refrain from use of incense/fragrance during the class/session. We will do our best to clear lingering scent from previous space use. We do have an air purifier in the temple space to assist with this, but we cannot guarantee a completely scent free space.
- Ylva and another of our staff members have service and companion dogs that work with us in the shop and Temple. Tho Ylva can arrange to leave her pup at home during classes (and maybe for one-on-one sessions depending on my personal health needs and schedule) in the instance of dog allergies. Please note that tho we tend to and clean the space often, there will be lingering dog hairs. 
- There is an approx. 6 inch step from the paved lot, up onto our entry "porch."  We have a 35.5" wide rubber ramp up to the porch from the pavement, positioned near the Temple door.  
- The building is old and ADA modifications have not been made by our landlords. We have arranged the Store/Temple in such a way to accommodate the narrow and outdated layout of the building. Please note, there are some corners (into the bathroom) that prove tricky for navigation by manual wheel chair, tho with assistance our clients and customers who utilize them are able to navigate into and from those places. Motor driven chairs may be more challenging, tho we can do our best to assist in whatever way possible. Again, please note there is a step up onto the paved porch before entering into the Temple or shop.  We have a 35.5" wide rubber ramp from the pavement onto the porch, positioned near the apothecary and Temple doors.
- You are welcome to bring your children to sit in the Temple during your sessions. Children may be welcome to attend community circles and classes, tho please check in about the content to be sure it is suitable. Not all ritual or classes may be appropriate for children due to content, energy, and space needs. If childcare proves a barrier, please let us know and we can try to help you find care accommodations.
- Please be sure to request a sliding scale payment option if your current financial circumstances prove a barrier to accessing the work you are needing with Ylva Mara.