Spell Kits

The foundations of our kits are our house-made herbal blessing blends, mixtures of herbal plants and resins, magically crafted to support your prayers, spellwork and magic.  Each kit is intended to serve as a complete altar and ritual for your desired spell or intention. 

Each kit includes four spell components, each component representing one of the four elements of the witches wheel: earth, air, fire and water.  For air, incense cones made of our herbal blessing blends, to carry your prayers to spirit.  For fire, a spell candle anointed with our blends, to serve as your altar’s center.  For water, salts mixed with our blends to use as a ritual bath.  For earth, a witch bag filled with our herbal blends & gemstones, to be carried and charged with your intentions, left as an offering to your spirits or buried to complete a spell.  Each of these individual elemental components are also sold separately by request and can serve as individual charms, protections, or solitary altars for your workings if you choose.