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Aphrodisium Tincture, 0.5 oz.

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Aphrodisium Tincture, 0.5 oz.

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Formulated to kindle your sacred sexuality & connect you to your soul's passions.

Damiana & Yohimbe have long standing traditional use as aphrodisiacs and for awakening the sacral chakra.  Ashwagandha is regarded in India as a revitalizer and thought to promote fertility.  Kava Kava's energetics allow one to connect to the sanctity of the moment more fully.  Rose brings a sweet but fierce sensuality and Cinnamon acts as a catalyst to spark the inner fire.      

Ingredients: Alcohol, Ashwagandha, Rose Petal, Damiana, Kava Kava, Yohimbe, Cinnamon

This is part of our line of Energetic Blends, which aim to support the emotional/energetic body; suggested dosing 2-4 drops up to 4 times a day.  They contain blended extractions of plants in an ethanol grain alcohol & brandy base.  The ratio of herbal constituents to alcohol in our Energetic Blends are more dilute than that of our Physical Blends, in an effort to enhance and elevate the more subtle energetics of the plants over their more direct effects on our physical body...somewhat like a flower essence or homeopathic dilution.

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