Blended Herbal Teas

Our herbal teas are blessed, crafted and blended in-house.  Ingredients are locally sourced from organic farms where possible or otherwise sustainably wildcrafted.  Our teas are sold by weight in 3 ounce packages. 

These medicinal teas are loose-leaf teas.  They are generally taken in larger portions than store-bought tea bags and steeped for much longer (to obtain the medicinal qualities of the herbs). Whereas a store-bought tea bag generally contains around 5 grams of herbs, we recommend steeping 1-2 tsp of medicinal tea (equivalent to about 2-4 teabags) per 8 ounces of hot water, steeped for 15 minutes. If your tea is too cool for your liking after steeping, top it off with more hot water as desired.

To more aptly absorb the nutrients in mineral-rich teas, you can make a cold infusion by steeping 1/4 cup of herb in 1 quart of cold water overnight in the fridge. Strain the following morning and sip throughout the day. (Consume within 6 hours of straining.)

Our house-made teas are naturally non-caffeinated. For our selection of locally-crafted artisinal green, black & white teas, please visit our store front.