Smudge Kit

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Smudge Kit

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Energy clearing work can be a transformative tool for space clearing as well as maintaining energetic vitality and hygiene.   We put together this bundle to provide you with a handy toolkit of smudge tools for ceremonial clearing work.  Each kit contains an Abalone Shell, 1/2 oz. of Grandfather Sage (White Sage),  1/2 oz. of Grandmother Sage (Desert Sage), 1 charcoal briquette and a 2 oz. bottle of our Counter Curse spray.  
Instructions: The Abalone serves as a sacred basin in which to carry your smudge herbs.  Simply ignite the tips of the Sage, allow them to be aflame a few moments then blow them out to release the sacred smoke.  Waft and direct the smoke as desired with your hands, a fan, or ceremonial feather/wing.  The Counter Curse Spray can be misted over the body, rooms or objects.  In addition to being a fierce and potent curse unraveling aid, it makes a great portable smudge tool that can be employed when folks have smoke sensitivities or in areas where smoke is prohibited.  

*The charcoal is included to more easily smolder the Grandmother Sage as it is finer plant material that can be trickier to ignite.  We suggest lining your shell with soot, sand or dirt, as the charcoal will get hot enough to potentially crack the shell.

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