Practical Witching Salon

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Practical Witching Salon
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Practical Witching Salon: A Monthly Witches' Circle
Facilitated by Ylva Mara & Select Guest Facilitators

Meets in-person the 2nd Monday of every month
7pm to 9:30pm (arrive as early as 6:30pm)
Sliding Scale $15 - $30 (none turned away for lack of funds)
*In addition, after each class, recordings of the workshop will be posted for purchase as well.

This year instead of hosting day long workshops as part of the Practical Witchery Series, Ylva is going to be hosting a monthly evening Witches Salon. These gatherings are intended to provide opportunities for community to gather, explore, and practice the practical application of foundational witchery. Each gathering will be dedicated to an individual topic. with facilitator teachings and community sharing of personal practices regarding the theme of each month.

Topics may vary from what is listed below, depending on community interests.

Suggested topics include:
January 14th - Altars: Building, Working, & Tending
February 11th - Protection, Boundaries, Self Clearing
March 11th - Spell of the Moment, Empowering Intentions & Gathering Personal Power
April 8th - Guest Facilitator
May 13th - Galdr & Sacred Singing
June 10th - Mediumship & Psychic Development Techniques
July 8th - Divination & Elemental Scrying
August 12th - TBD
September 9th - Story Telling
October 14th - Ancestral Workings
November 18th - Guest Facilitator
December 9th - Working with Dreams & Shadow Integration

For each gathering, please bring:
- An item to help build the altar with
- A biodegradable offering for the temple altar (fruit, flowers, chocolate, etc)
- A song, poem, or prayer to share
- A tarot deck, oracle card, and/or runes
- A topic, suggestion/personal practice, story, and/or intention relevant to the theme of each month. This event page will be updated if topics change

About Ylva and their approach:
"This circle is a dedicated safer space which serves to center those made most vulnerable by colonial, cis-centric, hetero-normative, white supremacy. If you are interested in these salons please understand that we will be actively de-centering, dismantling, and divesting those systems from our altars and our magic through our work together. If you benefit from these systems, either through embodiment or proximity, you are welcome to attend this circle and I ask that you commit to examining the ways we consciously and unconsciously perpetuate these systems in our daily lives. To support this process, The Cunning Crow Teaching Temple will also be hosting a series of circles intended to serve as resources for navigating internalized oppression and the ritual dismantling of these systems from our individual and community altars.

About me and my approach. I am a gender non-binary, trans femme, chronically ill witch living in colonized Duwamish & Coast Salish territory. I identify as a white person of Slavic, Polish, and Romani descent. I was born on occupied Tequesta, Ais, and Jeaga land in what is now called Florida. As someone who was raised outside of my culture due to colonialism, genocide, and white supremacy and who also benefits from white privilege, my work focuses on magic as service, reparation, and radical resistance. What this means is actively evolving with each circle I teach. In essence it's important to note that I teach from a perspective that seeks to actively examine and account for my whiteness, decolonize my mind and magic, and center a gender non-binary cosmology of Witch.

It's also important to acknowledge that we will effort to dismantle gender essentialism and biological reductionism from our altars through this work as well. As such you will not discover, reclaim, or balance your divine feminine or masculine in these circles. Rather, we will empower ourselves to discover, nurture, and harmonize our relationships with our own Divinity. This is deeply enriching and powerful work... it is also necessary and challenging work."

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