Healing Craft 1st Year Practitioner Class 2018

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Healing Craft 1st Year Practitioner Class 2018

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Intuitive & Spiritual Development through Traditional Magic, the Ceremony of Elemental Magic & Earth Medicine
1st Year Healing Craft Circle - 2018
Offered By Ylva Mara Radziszewski

This circle offers a safe and sacred container for your intuitive and spiritual development. Over the course of this year we will learn the foundations of The Healing Craft through the study and practice of Traditional Magic techniques and Earth Medicine healing practices. You will develop and deepen personal relationships with the Elements of Nature and the Healing Craft.

Each class we will learn to apply these relationships to intuitive development and divination techniques, psychic protection, ecstatic journeying and faring forth, hands on healing, energy clearing, and daily personal practices. Throughout this year we will explore your individual cosmology and relationship to Source within the context of community. I encourage you to take what you learn in class and unravel it, question it, pull it apart and weave it into a cosmology that most resembles your walk.

Complete course details & calendar available on Ylva's website here.

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