Empowered Boundaries Tincture

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Empowered Boundaries Tincture

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Formulated to clear your energy, help you to stand in your power, and to fill that space with your light.

This tincture blend is magically formulated and blessed with the power to restore your sovereignty by helping you to come home to yourself and to fill yourself with your light.  This formula is a potent ally for those who tend to feel scattered or uncontained, for those who are exceptionally empathic or psychic and for those who work deeply with the deep wounds of others.  The herbs in this formula help you remain connected to your power so that you can fill up your own space and go where you are called, do as you are called, without concern for the infiltration of non-self energy.  This formula is also helpful following an exceptionally stressful, traumatic or exhausting event or chapter of life - it can help you to catch your breath, and call yourself back home to yourself so that you can prepare for what is next.  

Devil’s Club and Yarrow are powerful protection allies that also serve to empower.  St. John’s Wort particularly protects the lower chakras so that it is safe to shine one’s power, creativity and sexuality.  Birch connects us to our own sovereign light and transmutes negativity.  

Suggested Supplement Dosing: 1 dropperful up to 3 times a day.

Ingredients: Alcohol, Yarrow, St. John's Wort, Devil's Club, Birch

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