Curse & Thought-Form Unraveling Tincture

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Curse & Thought-Form Unraveling Tincture

Formulated to untether what binds your light from shining.  

This formula contains traditional curse or hex-breaking herbs - used to compassionately and clearly break and untether obstructive, binding and restrictive energies.  These restrictive energies can be sourced internally in the form of self-inflicted curses or thought forms; or externally, from a source outside of self, from a person, place, thing or a collective curse/belief system. No matter the source, this formula helps to gently yet effectively untether that which is binding or restricting your true light from shining so that your deeper truth and greater source of power can emerge.  

Juniper, Chaparral, Wormwood, Rue and Agrimony are all herbs that were used traditionally both internally (drop doses) or externally (in baths, teas or washes) and in ceremony (as incense, blessed waters, etc.) to break the patterns of restrictive energy.  

Ingredients: Alcohol, Wormwood, Juniper Berry, Rue, Chaparral, Agrimony

Suggested Supplement Dosing: Take 1-5 drops as needed, up to 3 times a day.  Or add 1-2 droppers to a quart of water to sip throughout an entire day.

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