Copal Resin 1/2 oz. Jar

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Copal Resin 1/2 oz. Jar

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White Copal Incense (varying-sized chunks of resin)

Copal resin has a piney, lemony aroma similar to Frankincense, but with a high note of sweetness.  Copal is a great choice for blessings, purification, and invocational spell work.  It is native to Central America.

How to use: Resins can be burned on incense charcoal coals or melted with candle-powered incense burners (note that these need to run hot enough to melt resin - those designed primarily for burning oils may not melt resin).  Resins can be ground to a powder in a mortal & pestle (note that some resins may cause staining or leave strong aromatic compounds behind) and mixed with dry herbs to create delicious, magical incense blends. 

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